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The Bamboo Grove

Neerja Gaurie

About this book

The protagonist, Savi, is on a flying visit to her children in the South, where she spent half her life. After creating cherished memories, meeting old friends and spending time with a household of Cats, Dogs & Humans, she returns to her pristine and wooded cottage in Khirkhet in the foothills of the Himalayas. Living in splendid isolation with her young companion help, Coco, and Kittu the Cat, Savi decides to add zing to this Corona threatened page of her life by inviting guests to her duplex cottage. But all hell breaks loose when five intriguing characters from diverse backgrounds and disparate views enter the story; leading to hilarious and dramatic situations. Will the errant Coco manage to win hearts? How does a Friesian horse figure in the narrative? And how does Savi's life eventually unfurl? To know more, come aboard a fun filled ride inside The Bamboo Grove!

  • Publisher: ‎LOCKSLEY HALL PUBLISHING LLP (31 December 2023)
  • ISBN-10: ‎392428642
  • ISBN-13: ‎‎978-9392428647
  • Paperback:‎ ‎163 pages
  • Language English

About The Author

Neerja, after schooling in CJM, went on to acquire an Honours degree in French from JNU and subsequently a post-graduation degree in History.
She has been an academic for over three decades; teaching in and managing institutions. Her keen interest in Theatre has seen her be a part of many productions; Amir Raza Hussain's hugely successful 'A Bit On The Side' being one of them."
The Bamboo Grove is her second novel.



About this book

A ghastly looking girl appears every midnight in a ruthless nightmare that Hazel is constantly terrorized with. She manhandles Hazel, leaving visible bruises, horrifying her further. A masked man tries to charge over Hazel and she hears, "YOU ARE NEXT!" Was it fate or destiny that made Hazel cross paths with a stranger, she wouldn't know. And the stranger knows one thing for sure - Hazel will die. But how can she fight against time to save herself? Two Lives. Two Fates. Intertwined by premonitions through bloodcurdling nightmares that seem alive! Will the end of all this be brutal DEATH?

  • Publisher: LOCKSLEY HALL PUBLISHING LLP (25 December 2023)
  • ISBN-10: 9392428758
  • ISBN-13: ‎‎978-9392428753
  • Paperback:‎ 253 pages
  • Language English

About The Author

Sharon Joseph, a Radio Jockey, Playback Singer and Lyricist from Kerala, is a fresh face in the world of horror fiction.
An MBA in Marketing, her dream is to share with the world, fictional stories through her longtime fascination with parapsychology, alleged Indian haunted locations and her own paranormal experiences.

The Average Dreams

Anupma Prakash Srivastava

About this book

Abhishek is a teenager having fun and flings and falling grades. Ankita is a concerned mother who dreams big for her son while her own relationship with her easy-going husband suffers. Risha is an attractive next door girl occupying a significant time of Abhishek's imagination. Does Abhishek achieve what his mother desires for him? Does he overcome his hesitation and express his love for Risha? A simple story of an average family having conflicting desires which also puts light on the collective habit and thought process of upwardly mobile urban middle class in general.

  • Publisher:LOCKSLEY HALL PUBLISHING LLP (24 December 2023)
  • ISBN-10: ‎‎9392428790
  • ISBN-13: ‎‎‎978-9392428791
  • Paperback:‎ 129 pages
  • Language English

About The Author

Anupma is a Cost and Management Accountant by profession (ICWA) and MBA (F) from SCDL. She has won All India Gold Medal in the "Strategic management and Marketing paper" in the Finals of ICWA exams. She has worked in Indian Oil corporation ltd., Scooters India Ltd. And Shipping corporation of India in Mumbai.

That hot cup of coffee

G Venkatesh

About this book

Venkat, bereft of Varshita, struggles to find purpose in his existence. Quite unexpectedly, three women from different periods of time in his past, reappear in his life. There is also that coeval woman he meets for the first time at the airport, who quite surprisingly says that she knew him in the 1980s. Bits and pieces from the writer's own life (experiences) and the lives of acquaintances (observations) are woven together to form a meaningful whole. So will you be able to sift fact from fiction, and differentiate between webs spun and truths stated, powered by THAT CUP OF HOT COFFEE?

  • Publisher: LOCKSLEY HALL PUBLISHING LLP (6 December 2023)
  • ISBN-10: 9392428669
  • ISBN-13:978-9392428661
  • Paperback:‎ ‎130 pages
  • Language English

About The Author

G Venkatesh, currently Associate Professor at the Karlstad University in Sweden, holds a PhD and two post-graduate degrees, in addition to diplomas in industrial management and mass communication. Having written several books including poetry, textbooks, sports & fiction apart from articles in scientific journals, he is committed to serving humankind in the memory of his late wife, Varshita.