locksley hall publishing LLP


Avishek Gupta

I had a very good experience with Locksley Hall Publishing. They have always been clear and upfront in their communication and readily replied to all my queries. The book got published within months of signing the contract and it looks amazing. Heartfelt thanks to the whole team!

Nashit Ahmed

Locksley Publishing House have worked tirelessly with me in making sure that 'Rainmen' comes out in the best way possible. I am truly delighted with everyone on the team and their zeal to help me reach out to a wider audience.

Ankur Chaudhary

My first book is published by LHP and the team had been very professional in its approach. During the process of publishing, starting from signing the contract till the book is made available, the LHP team supported me at every step and had been patient to accept multiple changes which I suggested even at last minute. The print quality of the book and papers are very good which makes it feel good in your hands and I have received the feedback from my readers that readability is great. I will say that the team has done a great job on my book. I am a happy author.

Shaurya Arya Kanojia

Locksley Hall Publishing helped me embark on my journey as an author with my debut book, a novella titled End of the Rope. Entering the publishing world, especially for a first time author, can be immensley taxing; but working with the highly supportive and encouraging LHP team was not only a gratifying and seamless but a splendid experience as well.

Ashwini Bhatnaagar

Publishing with Locksley Hall was a flawless experience. Right from the conceptualization of the book to its print run, the inputs given by the editorial team were invaluable. The editing was impeccable too. Heartfelt thanks to the dynamic team.

Raja Dasgupta

Locksley Hall gave me the first opportunity to publish my Book.The Cover was very attractive.The Print quality was great and so was the paper quality.Hopefully we will continue this relationship for further publications.

Shefali Arora

Working with Locksley Hall has been a warm experience. The entire team is hard-working, dedicated and responsive to all kinds of queries. They have been supportive and friendly throughout the publication process. It feels good to be a part of this family.

Sumana Dutta

It is an absolute delight to work with Locksley Hall Publishing . Short stories as a genre is still underrated in the literary gamut.LHP is one of the rare publishers who value the true essense of the literary piece and shows faith in the creation.I am grateful to LHP for believing in the stories and showing faith in the collection of my short stories.Working with LHP as a debutant author has been extremely exciting.

Saurabh Thakur

Aham is my first book, and it is a fantasy fiction. It is not a combination that many publishers would touch, but thankfully, Locksley hall had both the courage and the belief to bring it out! It has been a very pleasant experience to work with a team that is very quick in their response and also open to suggestions and changes! I really hope they keep discovering more authors and i wish them all the best in all their endeavors!

Rakhi Anand

I would like to thank the entire Team of Locksley Hall Publishing, one of India's fastest growing and pre-eminent Publishing Houses, for finding credence in the conviction of a novice writer and consolidating the resolve to introduce Dev, the story of a child who countered destitution and prejudice and though the goodness of his soul and rose from the ruins to indomitable fame. By endorsing Dev, have you equipped me with a robust platform to showcase my work to the world!

Shilpa Suraj

Shilpa : It's been a pleasure working with Locksley Hall. They're professional, precise and prompt in all their interactions and it made for a very equable working relationship. Thank you for bringing Saved by Love to its readers.

Kanwal Singh

I had an amazing experience with Locksley hall publishers for my book 'Hanging On'. Thorough professionals, LHP were quick to respond to my queries. The book was a bit of a challenge because it included more than a hundred illustrations along with the text. LHP addressed all the issues and concerns during the editing and designing process . I'm really happy with the print quality - the book looks great !


Locksley Hall Publishing took on my second book, The Family Mystery. It was great working with them, as they are a traditional publishing house with uncomplicated terms and conditions for the author. I was given good marketing opportunities too- something not many publishers bother about when it comes to relatively unknown authors! Locksley Hall is a great publisher to work with, and I highly recommend them.


Had a wonderful experience. LHP can make the journey of publishing, which is believed to be a bumpy ride, so smooth and fun! Extremely helpful at each and every step of the entire Publishing process.


Locksley Hall Publishing has been a very positive and happy experience. They are very responsive, prompt in response, and friendly. They encourage, promote, and groom the authors. All monetary transactions were strictly in accordance with the agreement, very transparent, and timely. They are the people to retain and to recommend.


It was a dream for me to get my book published and I'm indebt for my publishers Locksleyhall publishers. I felt great working with them and here are the reasons

What I like Locksleyhall publishing house

  1. 1. They are supportive and help budding authors to achieve their dreams of getting published.
  2. 2. Scheduling of book publish is adept and fast.
    3. Print quality is great
  3. 4. Marketing the book is appropriate and helps the book reach to wide horizons.


Locksley Hall Publishing have been fully supportive in all my endeavours. They are the ones who published my debut book of literary fiction. So I will remain perpetually indebted to them. Years down the line, whatever success may come my way, I will be obliged to LHP for providing me with the first break.


The experience with LHP was really good. They helped me a lot with the editing, designing etc. It was really positive to work with them. Despite that they have a very good team who help in all aspects.


Locksley Hall Publishing was very helpful in reading my manuscript and making helpful changes. Copy editing, cover design, publication, sale on Amazon all was done professionally and without undue delays. I would be happy to recommend LHP to budding authors as well as established ones.


I would like to summarise my experience with LHP as a new experience considering it was my first book. Also very humbled for accepting my script. Most off all i like their vision, looking out for fresh authors and glazing the indian writing portfolio bright and colourful.
Generous as well comparing to the publishing industry standards.


As a first time author, Locksley Hall Publishing was very helpful and encouraging. Their professionalism and punctuality is what impressed me the most. They stand by you in every part of the journey and keep guiding and advising to ensure that you do well and your work is spread far and wide. I would love to work with them again.